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  • DRC Platform
    Distributed Regtech Collaboration Platform (DRC) is a distributed professional service platform that aims to leverage FinTech to establish a mutual trust mechanism among investors, innovative technology projects e.g. blockchain projects, regulators, and third-party professional agencies. Utilizing wisdom from its community members, it will enable a self-disciplined, self-governed, transparent, and open blockchain ecosystem, and promote the steady, regular, and sound development of the blockchain sector.
    DRC, which is “Autonomous”, “Distributed” and “Shared” in spirit, will dedicate itself to building an ecosystem with manageable risks and transparent regulation.
  • Due Diligence Tool
    The DD due diligence tool is one of the excellent applications on the DRC platform. The DD due diligence tool will propose an in-depth due diligence based on the project’s team, plan, technical specifics and project management. All the data originates from public business plans , legally public information, official websites , community and BBS channels. DRC structuralizes all distributed data, extracts potential risks in the form of structured information, and uses a professional risk assessment model to objectively evaluate the risk level of each blockchain project under such process.
  • Share Globalized Professional Services
    The globalized DRC distributed professional service platform shares professional services and resources from different regions and fields on an open, shared, and self-governed platform. A global multi-party social system is thus created, regardless of organizational or national boundaries. Different roles in this community, with their different social contributions, will receive DRC tokens as rewards, and each member within the DRC community can undertake one or multiple roles.
  • Governance Mechanism Of The Ecosystem
    The construction of a healthy environment in the DRC ecosystem is based upon it’s Supporting Governance Mechanism. An orderly, fair and collaborative ecosystem environment was created to enable future healthy development through the establishment of an Incentive Mechanism, Voting System, Dispute Arbitration Mechanism, Expert Evaluation, and Credit Rating Mechanism between the service user and supplier.
    The DRC platform is a professional service chain built on Ethereum. It uses the blockchain data structure to validate and store the data. The distributed node consensus algorithm is used to generate and update the data. It uses a cryptographic way to ensure the security of data transmission and access. DRC provides a brand new distributed infrastructure and community paradigm by employing a smart contract based on automated script code.
  • Professional Services
    For The Investment & Financing
    Take investment and financing as an example, DRC as a smart investment and financing advisory, will provide a series of professional services before, during and after the investment. Such services will greatly reduce the cost, improve efficiency and actively control risks.
  • Professionality
    The core team of DRC project are from leading international consulting firms as well as famous technology companies, including experts and experienced professionals on blockchain development, big data and algorithms from Tsinghua University, Tongji University and other institutions.
  • Innovation
    DRC project is the first professional blockchain application and service provider in the world. DRC uses Big Data, Algorithm models, Blockchain Technology and Natural Language Processing to perform Due Diligence, Project Rating, Risk Monitoring, Information Disclosure and Automatic Auditing.
  • Revolution
    DRC project is an ambitious attempt in distributed and self-help business services . It provides an entirely novel service model disrupting the traditional centralized and authoritative professional agencies. DRC offers an opportunity to every innovative science and technology firm to use a professional and convenient risk management service.
DRC Core Team Members
  • Selina Lin
    Chairman of DRC Foundation, CEO of the Executive Committee, DRC
    With two decades of working experience in the financial sector, Ms. Lin has specialized in risk management and risk control for 10 years. She once has been the leader of Credit Risk Solutions in IBM and then served as a partner of EY in Fintech Transformation & Innovation, She is always advocating a concept of “RegTech” and promoting “Proactive, Procedural, and Functional Supervision” in the technical innovation field.
  • Joyce Zhang
    Director of Business Application & Management Center, DRC
    Dr. Zhang has ten years of working experiences in Financial Risk Management Consulting. With a doctoral degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, she worked as an Associate Director in Deloitte, and once worked in Algorithmics and IBM. As an expert in Risk Quantification, she is versed in Financial Market & Credit Businesses, Financial Product Valuation, Risk Management Model, Investment Portfolio Management, and etc.
  • David Lai
    Director of Financial Management Center, Director of Administration Management Center, DRC
    Formerly an Executive Director in Sitong Boyun Software Technology Co,. Ltd., he is a seasoned technical founder, operator, and manager.With rich experience in corporate management and project operation, he successfully completed financial management projects for administrative authorities for industry and commerce in eight provinces of China, e.g. Liaoning, Hunan, Guizhou.
  • Jim Zhang
    Director of Technology Development Management Center
    A graduate from the School of Software, Tsinghua University, he has 11 years of working experience in the computer software industry. Formerly serving in IBM and Symantec, he is seasoned in development, test, and operation & maintenance, and versed in multiple programing languages (C++/C, Java, C#, Linux Shell, and R) and software development.
  • Peter Bian
    DRC Product Manager, Director Of DRC Community Operation
    With eight years of working experience working in internet product design and project management, he served as Product Director in Bike Wutong Innovation Incubator and was in charge of product logic, prototype pattern, PRD copywriting, as well as product launch and product upgrading.
  • David Cao
    Blockchain Expert
    David Cao has extensive experience, having worked at the IBM Toronto Lab and then having joined the development of the blockchain project Hyperledger Community, responsible for developing the Ethereum cross-border payment project.
  • Brain Bian
    AI Expert
    Holding patents for over 10 inventions, he has made achievements in Multi-Interface Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. He developed China’s first browser capable of speech recognition, and is an early Contributor to DRC community.
  • Kuan Zhang
    Cyber Security Expert
    Receiving a Doctor’s degree from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada. He is committed to research on Cyber Security, Privacy Protection, Big Data, Intelligent Healthcare, Social Network, and IOT.
DRC Advisors
  • David Lee
    Expert Advisor
    Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) blockchain and Fintech professor, vice-chairman of Economic Society of Singapore
  • Pei Sai Fan
    Expert Advisor
    Adjunct Professor of National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and Renmin University of China; Co-founder of Lee & Pei Finance Institute; Company director; Investor and mentor in FinTech startups
  • Yan Li
    Expert Advisor
    Senior Lecturer, Director, Mandarin Executive Education Deputy Academic Director. Mandarin Executive MBA, Nanyang Business School, NTU
  • Ju Xie
    Expert Advisor
    Council Member of BitShares, early participant in mainstream public blockchain projects, Founder of GDEX Exchange
  • Leo Wang
    Expert Advisor
    Founding Partner of PreAngel Fund
  • Hua Zhang
    Expert Advisor
    Investor for the trading platform Lbank.info, Co-Founder of DAEX
  • Jimmy Xiong
    Expert Advisor
    Head of IOTA China Community Member, dedicated to studying and investing in innovative blockchain projects.
  • Henry Yu
    Expert Advisor
    Founding Partners of L & Y Law Office, HK.
Contributors Around the World
  • Haw
    Haw works with founders of a few listed companies over a few decades. The listed companies annual turnover are worth hundreds of millions dollars in revenue and kick-started a few IPOs. Exited as a C suite member, Haw is a partner in a Singapore fintech company now.
  • Maximilian Mai
    Fluent in mandarin Chinese and having lived in China for several years, Max has strong intercultural skills and an extensive network of business contacts and partners. Max has been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2015 and has since participated in numerous ICOs as an investor and adviser.
  • Eliyas Tamrat
    Master's Degree in Business Informatics from University of Technology Darmstadt. Technology Consultant and Expert in Data Science, Analytics Big Data & AI. Tech Enterpreneur and Blockchain enthusiast.
  • Benjamin Martin
    Crypto enthusiast, no Blockchain specialist but convinced about the rise of this technology, a Holder and trader of Cryptocurrencies since begin 2017, specialized in Managing Communities and Forum threads, Social Media fan.
  • Phan Le Tuan
    Graduated from UFM Finance University. Have 5 years of experience in community development management.
  • Patrick Zhang
    Founder and President of Lighter Blockchain Technology, Partner of Powerlaw Capital, Executive Chairman of Shenzhen Lighten Entrepreneurship Promotion Association, with years of experience in equity investment and blockchain investment.
  • J.P. He
    A graduate from Engineering of Nanyang Technological University, a CFA Charter Holder. Formerly co-managed the event driven portfolio at Brahman Capital Management. Prior to that he managed an arbitrage portfolio at Kuranda Trading. Has 11 years of investment experiences in traditional assets classes, specializes in low risk investment situations.
  • Kobe Kang
    Studied for a Masters in Finance & Management from United Kingdom, focusing on real estate, Tech and blockchain consultancy and outbound investment from China over 10 years. Has the experience working with the world leading & Fortune 500 real estate consultancy firm, Jones Lang LaSalle. The clients she has served are various from international, Chinese SOE and public listed companies, such as Tishmen Speyer.
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